Thursday, November 18, 2010

Please Don't Do It Again


Mom called saying she is having difficulty in breathing. I know something was wrong. She never called at this hour before.


Mom called again starting to tell me that I should take care of myself and be a good boy and she started to talk something she shouldn't be saying at all. She was trying to say goodbye but I wouldn't listen to her. I told her she would be alright and I will see her when she is back in Malaysia. I heard the ambulance siren on the background as she continue talking to me. She is having trouble saying it because she was trying to breath at the same time. The call ended in less than a minute when she said she going to sleep already.


I started panicking. I called my brother to call mom fast. Tears starting to fall from my eyes as I dialed to call some of my relative here in KL. I really don't know what to do. She is in Saudi Arabia doing her Haj with my dad. I can't just fly there to see her even if I wanted to because I need to apply Visa for it. All I can do now is wait.


My auntie called as she managed to get trough my dad. He said my mom condition is stable now and I should stopped worrying. She asked me to get some rest.


I tried to call both my mom and my dad but nobody answered the phone.


Mom called. She said she is alright now. Well I want to believe it but I can still hear her voice is very weak and tired. I also now know that she DID stop breathing just after she called me in the morning. Luckily they managed to revived her back. I keep asking for her to come home but she said she can't do that yet. She had to complete her Haj. I hope she will stay healthy and I shall see her home.

God, please take care of her. I only have one mother and I am not ready to lose her yet.


William said...

Hope she stabilizes and can come home soon.

Mr.D said...

do hope she gets well soon. don't worry she is in the holy land, in the safe hands of God.

Adrian said...

Hope she will always be safe and healthy. Don't worry your mum will be fine and you'll see her soon when she's back.. :)

Unknown said...

speedy recovery to her~

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Ameer Zachery said...

Thanks everyone..