Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Review: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (KL)

Date: 3rd November 2010
Sector: Kuala Lumpur (KUL) - Jakarta (CGK)

KLM is based in the Netherlands and serve from their main hub located at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Check In

The check in was easy. I am traveling under the stand by ticket so there are chances of me not getting a seat for the flight. Fortunately for me, I managed to get the seat at the very last minute.

Departure Hall

As I am not departing from the hub, I can commented a little bit about KLIA. The waiting area is a secure section. So before you enter, I would suggest for you to walk around the airport first before entering it. Ample of seat available in the waiting section. So you don't have to worry about the need of standing up.


Boeing 777-200 was use for this flight. The flight was from Amsterdam connecting via Kuala Lumpur before continuing to Jakarta. The interior is very nice and very well maintain. The seating configuration for this aircraft make it easier for passenger to move out from their seat especially for isle passenger. Comfort level for the seat is good.

Cabin Crew

Well, the cabin crew are nice and helpful. I think you heard me talking about the same thing again. They don't really smile a lot but they also does not show that they are unhappy. It's just neutral look on their face. They did their job profecionally. However, I do hope they could attend to passenger need more.

In-flight Entertainment

The personal IFE is at every seats. It start a bit late so for a short flight, not much can be view. A complimentary headset is given to every passenger and it can be brought home. A nice gesture from them. The IFE system is almost the same as any other airlines. It is AVOD but for some passenger who are not familiar with it might find it a bit difficult to use. The selection is acceptable but for a long haul flight this might consider to be a little choice for entertainment.


The meal is serve in a very cute box shape. There no selection of meal so everyone is having the same meal. The main dish is Fried Rice with Satay accompanied by Chocolate cake and Mango salad. I love the rice and Satay particularly. Around of hot drinks were serve right after the meal.

Overall Rating

Check-in 4/5
Departure Hall 4/5
Aircraft 5/5
Cabin Crew 4/5
In-flight Entertainment 4/5
Meal 3/5

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the meals look delish.