Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Perth Completes My Australia Trip

Travelled date: 9th March 2010 - 11th March 2010

Hey people. I know you might wonder where in the world did I go since I did not update my blog for a week already. Do not worry. I am still alive and actually just got back from my breakaway.

Yeah. I was having a mental breakdown and I needed to go somewhere to release my pressure. I just packed my bag and go to the airport the next day and flew off to my favorite country - Australia.

I would also say, this trip actually completes my all Australia cities I supposed to visit and the last city on the list was Perth.

I managed to message a blogger I know who stay at Perth and he agree to let me stay at his place for awhile. It was my first time meeting him as well. Making new friend was great and even greater when this new friend of mine was extremely nice. Word can't describe how nice he was as it is very rare for you to find such a nice people around these day. I can go on and talk about the goodness of him all day but lets not do that today.

I arrived at Perth around 715pm. So basically, there was nothing much I could do in the first day. I just hang around at the house chatting with my friend and his housemate. We had a nice home made pumpkin pie. My first time eating it and I already had seconds.

The next day, my friend had some event at his Guild. They were painting room. So I was doing nothing and just tagged along. Basically, we just paint the room with white paint and spray it with colours paint. It was fun. In the between time, I found a kite and played with it for while. It was a sunny day but not until some one got on hold to it and played with it until it flew high up in the sky. It was amazing.

The paint job was done until late in the evening. So me and my friend head back to home for awhile to freshen up and he dropped me off to the nearest train station. I found that the public transport system here in Perth were not easy and a bit expensive. I think you still need to use cab if you need to get to a place fast but it cost you extremely a lot. I was meeting a friend at the city. He landed in the morning. He was working, so he did not stay long at Perth. He is flying back the next morning. So I just hang with him for dinner and invited him later for something exciting.

We both went to the Guild. It is actually at the Murdoch University, which is where my friend studied and the Guild was having a movie night just for the group to hang around. We just tag along for awhile and see if my friend was free to bring us to the place he told me the day before (It's a secret). P.S. We did went to that place and I was amazed.

I was supposed to fly to Melbourne today on the third day but I really want to buy that leather bag my friend had. He told me it was cheap and he brought me to Habourtown later around 11am and we saw it. I was really at shock. It was really cheap. I mean. $10 for a leather bag. Everything was cheap. I wanted to shop a lot but my budget was tight. Damn it. I should had bought that 2 pairs of shoes which cost me only $30. Damn it. [$1 = RM3.16]

Later in the evening, we went to Fremantle. It is a harbour I presume and you could get good seafood there. There are a lot of shop around the pier. Oh ya. The shop in Perth close around 5pm. So shop early. However, some restaurant open until late especially on week nights.

I went to the airport quite early and the whole day spent on the airport and flight to Melbourne itself. There is a three hours time different and that how I lost so much time. It was a relaxing trip for me to Perth. Meeting new people, seeing new places and trying out new things. I really personally want to thank you my new friend at Perth for his hospitality.


Mr.D said...

i like. everybody is going to perth it seems.

AmeZac said...

Mr.D : my first time.. not bad..

Evann said...

Haha it was great having you over. Though your trip was really short! There's actually lots more to do. :P Hope you had a good one.

AmeZac said...

Evann: Its alright.. I had fun.. :D