Thursday, March 18, 2010

Melbourne Stayover

Travelled date: 12th March 2010 - 15th March 2010

Melbourne again? I don't have any other place to go aren't I?

I flew in from Perth and the thing I noticed up high above is that at Perth, everything was dry and at Melbourne, everything was green. The land in Australia is really vast to even have different sort of temperatures and climates in the country itself. It cooler in Melbourne for sure.

I arrived at Melbourne 730pm and like Perth, the shop does close early. Upon arrival, I went to reconfirm my return ticket at the International terminal before taking the Skybus to the city and ultimately to my friend house. I totally forgot that I could save a lot and just take their normal public transport. Melbourne have a great public transport service. You get connected everywhere easily. You could even download the real-time schedule to you iPhone (which I did) and it help you to plan your timing and journey.

I reached my friend house around 9pm. He was still working at that time and only finish around 11pm. So luckily, his housemate was around to open the door for me. I was hungry and just wanted to eat something. So I just bought myself a double quarter pounder burger at McDonald. Since, I was free at that time, I just took the train to the city and just hang around for awhile before head back to he house with tram.

I woke up around 11am and since I had nothing on my schedule (as always), I just took my time and went for a walk to the city. I heard they have a new Direct Factory Outlet (DFO) at South Wharf and I might as well have it check. By the way, they change the DFO at Southern Cross Station to Spencer Street Mall.  Hop on the train (my friend house is next to a train station) and straight I go to the city. I just hop on the free city circle tram and I basically had no idea where it goes.

The next thing I know, I was at Habourtown. Yup. This time it is in Melbourne. They were having sales but I was not interested in shopping. I just walked around taking pictures of that place. I took the next available tram and head to the DFO. They do have a lot of shops but some of it still very expensive to me. Perhaps they weren't having any sales at that time. I did bought myself 7 new shirts and it cost me $95 total. [$1 = RM3.16]

Head back home to put down my stuff before went out again and meet a friend at Queen Victoria market. She stayed near that place. I thought I could go and shop at the city for a while but I guess, as always, they closed their shop early and we decided to have our dinner straight. We had a nice chat before I sent her off to her place and ran to catch my tram home. It was a very tiring day. I should be losing weight with all that walking around.

The third day was Sunday and I just wanted to ride on the train and see where it would brought me. My friend tag along with me as he also never been to that other part of the city. We went all the way until the end of the track and walk around the town called Frankston.

Since the train is 30mins apart, we had time to bought ourself a lunch before catching the train the the beach. It was damn sunny day. I can't barely look clearly as it was so hot and glaring. The water was cold though. We had our lunch at the beach and it was pretty nice actually to see a lot people swimming, playing with jet skis and even flying an airplane. I still wonder where is the airport?

Too tired to go out at night. I decided to just stay home and watched TV while packing my bag. I am flying back home later in the morning and need to be at the airport around 12am for check in. It was pretty relaxing stay and fun to meet again my old friend. Some don't even know I was there as I didn't told them I was coming. It was a short stay over after all.

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