Sunday, January 3, 2010

Owning Platinum Credit Cards

I am a die hard fan for Platinum credit card. I remembered when I first got my very own Platinum cards from CIMB, I was jumping up and down with joy. It was even better when the bank actually gave me two cards, one is for Mastercard and the other one was Visa. I started to apply for many more Platinum credit card after that and all my applications was approved except for Maybank which I had to wait for a year to actually obtaining it.

The only reason for me applying for the Platinum cards is simply because of it design. I have absolutely no idea why I like the Platinum cards design so much. I think perhaps it looks exclusive to me.

People won't think that I actually own a Platinum card. I notice that most of the shops think that I am only a supplementary card holder (under my parent) but it was the other way around. I don't really care what people think about because in the end it all about paying back the card in full after charging it. Owning a credit card does not mean you can spend all of its credit up to the limit. You definitely have to pay high interest rate if you fail to pay your card spending.

In term of the privileges, different banks offer different privileges. I already cancel out a lot of my credit cards as I am a avid collector and not a user maintaining only four cards presently. There is no point for me to keep my card active if I didn't use it at all.

Some of the Privilege I can list down are:

1. Complimentary access to KLIA and LCCT Premier Lounge.
2. Priority Banking - No line up, No waiting, No hassle.
3. Higher credit limit.
4. Dedicated Customer Service.
5. Personal Concierge Services.
6. Specially tailored Platinum privileges and rewards.
7. Cash back.
8. Exclusive Discounts & Rebates.
9. 0% Interest Balance Transfer.

Next target: World Mastercard and Visa Infinite

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