Friday, January 29, 2010

Builing A City

I am bored right now. So I want to talk about something that I like to do in the past time. This also can be made a "good" example to our local assemblyman. I do made the suggestion based on the one that came out in the newspaper few months ago, that they should at least try and play this game before running the city/area. No harm trying right? Ok. I am talking crap right now.

I am actually talking about the game of SimCity. I am sure that a lot of you heard of this game before and some might even try it. It is not as easy as it look. You need a lot of planning and patient to run this game. If not, you will end up in debt and eventually got fired by the people.

It is basically about building a city. How you do it is entirely up to you. The basic thing you need to know is that like any other city, you need water, electricity, sewer plants and landfills. Then you have to think of public interest such as school, library, park, clinics, hospital and such. This will take time and how and where you put it is very important. You want people to like you and not hate you.

The very first time I played this game, I don't know anything about running/building a city. So I ended up using all my fund to build city that in the end put in in debt as I never really think of the people need. In time I progressively learn that building a city must not be rush and (again) plan wisely. So what I did was to build a subcity (Yes, my land is vast). Small city comprise with three area of residential, commercial and industrial. After year past by (the time can be set to fast in the game), those small cities eventually connected and became one large city a.k.a. metropolitan with highways, airports and stuff. (That is why I said it a good start for our local assemblyman to try this game).

It is fun to build a city and it also good for your brain actually. It made you think. So who said games is bad for your kids. I think sometimes games play important role in developing a teenage brain. Just my two cent.

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