Monday, September 6, 2010

Say Hello To My Doctor

You know when I was really sick, there are two doctor who actually tend to me all the time. One is my hospital doctor and the other one is my company doctor. Yup. My company is big so we actually have our own medical centres and doctors.

So like my hospital doctor, she is extremely care for me. Ya lar. I am really having something quite serious at that time. Every day she would come by twice just to check on me. She didn't just see me and go but she stayed and asked me how I was doing. She really serious in doing her job. Not to say other doctors who had attend to me didn't but she has her very own and unique way of treating people.

There are times where I would scream in pain and she would really come and see me to help me. She normally start her routine by checking me first. Even the nurses told me that I am like her priority most of the time as I will be the one first in her round.

During before operation, I had a panic attack out of sudden. I don't really why. So in like 10 minutes she were there next to me and asking the nurse to give me some relaxing pill to calm me down. Seriously the pill works and I was really woozy. The anesthetic was obviously angered by it as she not suppose to do that. I guess she really up to answer back the anesthetic just because of me.

Yeah, I still see her now and then just for check up. She sort of know everything about me already. Imagine, I alone have three thick folder just for the hospital alone.

My company doctor is very kind and caring. He really does concern about my health. When I first met him for the symptom I had he tried his best to treat me. Up to a point when he feel it was serious, he immediately referred me to the hospital.

He knows all my progress as both my hospital doctor and him keep contacting each other for my updates. So basically he knows about my condition too. He even pass me him handphone number for me to call him in case I needed his help. Anytime. Even when he was on holiday, he still reply to my message by calling me straight. Of course I only call him in the event of emergency. I also feel bad if disturb him when he is not working.

Still now and then he asked me to keep update on my progress. Like few days ago when I met him, he said to me to sent sms like this for update if I am not well,

"Hi Doctor, How are you? Eat already? By the way I am at XXX right now and I felt slight headache but ok already after I take Panadol"

It was really funny by the way he said it.

My doctors.


Shake Trees said...

oh... hope nothing serious. y post abt doc? :P miss them ah? :P

Ameer Zachery said...

It was serious. I was hospitalized for a month and after that also still got more hospitalization. Had 4 different sickness. 1 OP and possible another 1 next month. Penat2.

Mr.D said...

such gem.