Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Johor Bharu On The Go

Hey everyone,

Sorry about the late update. I am now at Johor. I have absolutely no idea what makes me decide to come down here. It was really an impromptu act.

I just grab the flight ticket and here I am. Nothing much I did actually. Just hang out at the Danga Bay yesterday and then shop for my new Baju Raya. Do you know it already almost 10 years since I had new Baju Melayu? Yeah. I been using my old one. My body really didn't change that much after all this year.

Well today plan probably I am going to celebrate breaking fast at the special kids home. Something different I guess. Doing something special in this special month for all of us.

I am flying back home tomorrow morning. Haven't bought the ticket yet. As usual going to just grab and go. Hopefully there will be seat for me. I'll post another post soon.

BTW, I just find out about app for blogger on iPhone. Saw it from someone blog. This app kinda cool I guess. Fast and easy.


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