Sunday, September 19, 2010


It is not easy for one to maintain a good, happy and stable relationship. There will be time when couple fights even for the smallest reason. Somehow, it the understanding and communications between each other to solve the problems what make the relationship works. Otherwise, the relationship they having will never be successful. 

Sometime fights will make the relationship grew stronger but sometime also it might just will destroy it all together. 

There are mistake I made which I regretted. You see I don't easily get angry. I keep my anger to myself most of the time. It is just like a ticking bomb waiting to explode. However, there will be time my anger will just burst like a volcano. It dies down fast but the effect goes to the people around me. People that I care deeply. 

I had a fight with B recently. A fight which I created just because I felt neglected. It is something stupid for me to even to think about such thing. 

B was very patient with me all the time. I kept spilling out my discontent to B and B just listen quietly. I wish B would responded to it but I guess B don't want to make things worst. So all B did was listen until I am finish. 

Of course after I cool down and come to my senses I felt so guilty for what I did. So I tried to apologies to B for everything I did. I know I was hurting B. So I am trying to fix back the mess I made. I was so stupid for doing it in the first place.

Somehow B is just stay silent. No return SMS, no picking up calls and no replying online messages. I believe I caused B to be really angry at me. I tried everything already. So now all I can do is give B some space. I hope B will talk to me again soon. 

I don't want things to end just because of this. I want to make things work for us once again. 

I'm sorry for hurting you. I'm sorry for everything that I did.

"It takes forever to build a relationship and only one day to destroy it"


tuls said...

if youre sincere.. i hope your B will forgive you too..

different couples will have different way of handling all these, it depends on how deep is the relationship between the both of you..

hopefully everything will be fine soon..

Shake Trees said...
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Shake Trees said...

maintaining a rel is rocky, tough n rough. u bet. but reli admire those who r in rel bcos i never had 1. i wana puppy fight n bite also kenot. haha...

ur temper is like mine. mine is not volcano. its nuclear. :P

btw, para 4, "I had a fight with B reasonly" shud be "I had a fight with B recently". :P

u felt neglected its ur right yah bcos ur in recovery period. those who said they luv u must understd this. but dont go overboard la. hehe... human's patience has a limit.

btw u had aledi apologised. if b dont accept n close all communications, wat can u do leh. go find b la. give b a big hug. n a french kiss. kekeke...

some gals r reli madly in luv. they wud say things like if u dome see me, u wont see me for the rest of ur life. i'll go die. then bf will sure come. haha...

wat i trying to say is dat if boths luv is tough, strong and deep, nothing n no one can break them apart. luv is also part of abt i hurt u n u hurt me 1 lor. must learn to adjust n live with it together.

seems dat ur the type who wud take action 1st. sometimes a fire must be put out fast or it'll spread to the whole forest, burning everything. don't wait too long.

how abt ask a fren to get b out for u without b knowing u gona be there n u 2 can talk things out. duno if its a gud idea. b may not like this backdoor. :P

if it works, teh ice on u :P koala wishes u n b r back to love once again. :P

Mr.D said...

Time heals everything.

Unknown said...

this scenario sama macam mine. sit tight and wait till he responds to you.

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