Tuesday, September 28, 2010

iHave iPhone 4

I was reluctant at first to get my hands on the iPhone 4. All because of the defect on the antenna.

After long consideration and searching online for any informations related to the problem, I decided to just go for it.

Hence, yesterday morning I joined with several groups of people lined up at the Sunway Pyramid Maxis Centre to get one for myself. It was a long queue but once the centre was open, they did a good job at dividing to sections to ease and fasten the application and/or purhase of the phone. So by an hour after, I proudly can announce myself an owner of iPhone 4.

Believe me or not I can practically say this phone is so damn cool. I just used for a day but loving every second of it. Still can't get my hand off it until now. The screen and the camera especially is superb.

Oh ya, the antenna problem is NOT a problem at all for me. So far I can't find any major problem with it. Still works like the normal phone. So I just "assume" that Maxis probably has a very good reception.

All data and apps transfered from the old iPhone was done smoothly and easily. Just a few clicks and it all done.

The only problem I am facing right now is transfering photo. Had the problem before and I have forgotten how to fix it. Plenty of time for me to search the answer so I will just do it slowly.

My old iPhone? I am selling it to any interested buyer. Details as below:

iPhone 3Gs 32Gb (Black)
Condition: Like New
Warranty: 6 months
Type: Maxis set
Version: iOS 4.0.2, Unlocked and non-Jailbreak
Price: RM1700 fix

Any other informations you need or interested buying it, you may email it to me at ameerzachery[at]gmail[dot]com.

Any ho, still loving this phone. :D

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Aiden said...

I'd say that maxis generally has better reception when compared to other service providers here. But congrats!

Anonymous said...

congrates bro!~~ Btw, might i know your FB account?xoxoxo

fable said...

The signal drop with the death grip only happen to AT&T telco in USA~ so the antenna hasn't got any problem at all...

Ameer Zachery said...

A: Hahaha. Yup. And I didn't wait for new one to come out. Desperately need this one already.

Anon: Thx.. Hmm.. How can I give my FB acc if I don't know who I'm giving to..

Fable: Oo.. That might explained it then.

Aiden said...

Sigh. I'm resisting the urge to buy it right now. So tell me about it. Does it have any problems?

Ameer Zachery said...

So far still loving it very much.

No problem yet. I guess the news was a gimic perhaps?

Aiden said...

Really? I'm so buying one soon then!! Thanks! :)