Tuesday, September 7, 2010

IKEA Shopping

It's time to shop around for the new house. Seriously my budget like need to be recalculate already. Not enough. Not enough.

I thought like can just use a bit for everything. I mean like just RM5000. Obviously not. Even just for my room already spend almost RM1500. Die.

So my furnitures and all bought from other shop but the rest is from IKEA. It is so damn expensive wor. But I still like IKEA stuff. Haih. They need to do jumbo sales or something. Sure I come and 'borong' everything.

It was fun but my wallet like getting thinner already. Huhuhu.

Anyone want to sponsor me?


Shake Trees said...

u not resting and some more jln jln. *spanks* find a bf n hug u to sleep in the bed la. :P

Ameer Zachery said...

Its ok lar. Im fine. Not that sick also now. Hahaha.

Err. U mean gf? or bf? Hmm. Nvm lar both also can lar. Hahaha.

ikanbilis said...

you went on a rendezvous with flyfreak without me? booo hooo!

Ameer Zachery said...

I was there alone at first lar. Then since he text me I just ask lar. Hahaha..