Friday, September 24, 2010

I Want Iphone 4

Wohoo! Iphone 4 is out here in Malaysia. Yesterday was the price release date. They make it so suspend as they didn't announce it on the spot.

Twitter and FB was flooded with the Iphone 4 news. Even better coverange for the information required.

Anyhoo, I am so tempted to buy one. Unfortunately, the official release date is on the Monday (27 September 2010) for Maxis. I am a "loyal" Maxis customer, so might as well stick to them.

For my understanding, only those who purchase the Iphone 4 will be able to get or upgrade to the new iValue plan which is so much better than the old iValue plan at the same rate. The existing customer with the old Iphone models are not allowed or be upgrade to this new package. Something I found unfair.

So Monday people! I am going to storm Maxis centre and get myself a brand new Iphone 4.

Who want to buy my Iphone 3Gs 32GB? Email me if interested and we shall discuss about it.

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William said...

Everyone's talking about it! I'll stick to my trusty 3Gs for now. :D

Shake Trees said...

i thinnk u shud stick to ur 1. duno if 1st batch has prbs or bugs. how much ur selling anyway?

Ameer Zachery said...

William: Ya. Everyone did. I love my 3Gs too but 4 seem nicer. :)

Koala: I don't think Apple will give their old stock. Surely they don't want people to complaint about it again. Few of my friends been using it already. Thats why I feel it's ok for me to go ahead and buy it. Not really sure how much the current price for my phone now. Still checking out on it.

Aiden said...

I wouldn't buy it if I were you since it has the antenna problem. Apparently apple is going to release a corrected iPhone 4 some time in October. But I'm not too sure how true that is. Even if it is true, wonder how long it'll take to reach here.

Ameer Zachery said...

A: October ehh.. Maybe I shall wait for it then. Just hope the price won't increase by then.

Aiden said...

Yeah.. you should wait for it. I'm definitely waiting for it. And I don't think the price will increase. The current iPhone 4 is actually cheaper than the 3GS right. Anyway good luck to waiting! :)