Monday, September 20, 2010

First Day Bad Luck

Everything so screw up today. It was my first day of working and everything didn't go as what is plan. One after another problems arise up to a point I was feeling of just throw everything that I am doing and go to sleep. First the furnitures lorry arrive at 3pm while I'm still at work leaving everything outside. Stupid hell. If someone were to steal it who would I blame. Then during lunch I was out rushing to take all my forgotten manuals and I almost had an accident. Arrived with a punture tire. Don't give a damn already. The aircord installation almost got cancelled the house messy as hell just because the back door key went missing. He had to break the door. Well I told him to do it as I really don't care. I just want everything to get settle fast. I give up fixing the tire as everything is not in place. Kidney pain as I overstress everything today. I'm tired and stress. Welcome back to work to me. Good night world. I will waking up early tomorrow as I promised someone I would and greet that someone for every single day I am alive no matter what.


dancerboy said...

hang in there you!!!


Shake Trees said...

dancerboy some more say hang. nak kena cekik. :P

dont feel so upbeat urself abt wats happen. its ur new nest. sure takes sweat to build 1. break the door? wah so strong 1 dat fella. break the lock isit. hehe...

at least u know how to rest. no matter wat, every single day, stay alive, at least for dat some1. :P

Ameer Zachery said...

Dancerboy & Koala: Thx. Lucky today only self-study session. So I can come and go as I pleased. Otherwise, I will just stay at home and sleep. Huhuhu.