Friday, June 18, 2010

What Mine Is Mine, What Yours Is Yours

I rented a room almost a year back under my friend’s house. Technically, he was renting the house as well so I was helping him to ease the rent by paying some of it. He was staying alone and I need a room near to my work place temporary.

The idea was for me to stay for only temporary. Until I was back to my base and I be back to my home but unfortunately I fell sick and it never came true. So I had to continue renting the place despite I never been to the place for more than six months already. Yes, I still paid for the rent. We had an agreement.

My friend is a very good person. That is a problem about him. He just doesn’t know how to say no I guess. I don’t mind him because he can do whatever he wants with his choice. It’s his life. I don’t runs it. So when a certain friend of his asked for a place to stay due to an emergency, he didn’t decline it. That become my problem. Please have the courtesy to call me. I still am your housemate. I paid for the house also. I should know what’s going on with it.

How I found out about it? I was going to spend the night at the house when I couldn’t get in. The lock was changed. So I called my friend and he said he in hurry and someone will come and explain everything to me. I got to know like this.

When I was inside the house everything was changed. That person who moved in simply took my stuff and put it in ‘the person’ room. Who in the bloody right mind would go in someone room and simply touch or yet again take other people stuff and make it theirs. The only excuse given, “Oh, I thought you weren’t around for quite sometime”. So?

My room was a mess. My dustbin was taken. All my cloths in the wardrobe were taken out as if I had moved out and replace by ‘the person’ cloths. My bed sheet was used. OMG. WHAT THE HECK? Yes I was nice enough to give you a new bed sheet and you dare to ask me “Should I wash your old bed sheet?” Being me I just smile and say “Up to you,”

So that settles it. I already talked to my friend about the situation I am having now. Oh not the one you are reading at the moment. This one is just me venting it out here in my blog. There is actually other problem I am uncomfortable with which need to be done before I start to move back fully to the house. Since his friend said it is only a short stay, I just leave it then. If by the time I really going to move in this don’t resolve (i.e. haven't move out), then I will step in.

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