Monday, June 14, 2010

The Karate Kid (2010)

Two weeks ago when I passed by the poster I told myself, "Not another kung fu movie".

Two days ago, my friend invited me to watched it at the Pavilion. I was reluctant at first but he said this time it is different compared to the old movie they had before. I believe what he said and just go with it thinking I got nothing to lose since I am free.

My friend was right. This was really something new. It is a western movie mix with the Chinese culture. Words can't describe how nice the movie was but I really did enjoyed watching it until the very end. It is truly touching.

This movie did show us the meaning of discipline, courage, determination and love. It really define the real world and how true it is on what we are dealing right now. Simply a great experience.

It never came across my mind on how beautiful the scenery China can be. It really fascinate me. I do praise the director for being able to capture such beautiful and majestic wonder of the nature which I never knew existed. I makes me want to go there and sample it myself.

My rating 9/10.

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