Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Israel Attacks Must End

Why? Why must the Israel become so heartless and attack the aid convoy. What did they do to deserve it? I don't think they were once trying to attack the Israel troops at all. All they were trying to do is send in the aid for the Palestine people. They were only civilians. What harm can they do?

I can't do anything but to just talk about the sadness I felt for all the people who suffer but please, UN and the world wake up and do something about it. You can't just sit and close your eye ignoring the brutality and cruelty they had done. It is unfair to just demand explanation.

Please do something. Do what you always do to country you think is dangerous to all. International sanctions on every available sanctions you can think of for Israel. Economic sanctions, diplomatic sanctions, military sanction, anything and everything. For once let them suffer. Let Israel feel how people suffer.

For those who has Facebook let us show our support with what we can. Copy the picture below and make it your profile picture. At least we care for what is happening. More info at Freegaza.

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