Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Day I Almost Crash My Car

Today I was driving on the highway and my mom was the passenger sitting next to me. I was at the middle lane driving at the speed of 110km/hr. It is the standard speed for the highway as I know my mom doesn't like when I speed if she is together with me in the car.

Out of the sudden, a trailer suddenly came in from the left lane trying to overtake the front car without realising that we were behind it. I had to make an emergency brake and control the car to maintain straight (and not by avoiding it) so that we would not flipped over or over controlled it. My mom screamed while trying to grab hold of something just in case for possibility of an impact.

The right lane was occupied with car speeding with more than the limit allowed. I would not make it if I were to turn my car toward the right lane and eventually might caused a serious accident. So I did not take my chances.

Fortunate for us also, there we enough distance for the car behind me to brake in time as well. Otherwise, we might end up crashing with each other as well. This is all a pure luck and we were lucky to be survive.

The trailer driver did not give sufficient time to overtake thus he was unaware of me behind him. I was not fully alert but lucky for me I was aware of the surrounding so I could take the best possible counter action I could think off at that time.

Otherwise you might be seeing me and my mom in tomorrow newspaper.

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