Monday, June 28, 2010

Migrating To A Better Place. Ya Right.

I was changing my email to a new email account. So I was kinda slowly transferring all my related accounts to the new email and this blog was one of it.

What I didn't know was I could do a simple switch to transfer it but nooooo I was doing the hard way and that was by creating a new blog altogether and transfer everything (I mean everything bit by bit). Only after I finished doing so, I called my friend to advised them on the blog change. One of them just taught me the simple way of doing it.

I was like WTF.

Oh well. It is done and I don't think anybody could notice the different. Just that you might want to click the 'Follow' button again and if you reading from Google Reader, you might be getting double post yesterday due to the migrating process.

Don't forget the 'Follow' tab button. It's on your right widget. Hehehe. 


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