Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Birthday Of 2009

It was my happy day. I celebrated my birthday three times this year. I mean. It the same week but with three different occasion and places. One at my house, one at Green box and one at my rented house.

08/09/2009. The ONE we did at home in Sepang with my parents and my brother. The birthday cake was sponsored by my mom dear friend. She bought me a ice cream cake. First time for me to be eating that kind of cake. Must be expensive to buy. I was not feeling that well but at least I make my self strong for that night and cut the cake. Pictures were taken and 10 minutes later I was in bed sleeping. Yup. I ate medicine and it doesn't help me to stay awake. I think it was meant for me to sleep. Nevertheless, I managed to put a smile and endure the few minutes before bed. I didn't even say thank you for those who came. So bad of me.

11/09/2009. The ONE we did at the Green box in KL. Few of my friend invited me to join them for some karaoke session and it turn up to be like my surprised birthday party. I had fun singing until my heart out. The food was nice. The cake was nice also. I think they sure spend a lot of money to pay for the room. I lasted a bit longer this time. I think the smoke from the cigarette make me uneasy so I ended up throwing up. Head home and have a good rest. I am sure they plan more for me but just my body is not well for now.

12/09/2009. The ONE we did at my rented house. I invited few of my closed friends to celebrate with me together at my rented house. We went to the bazaar to buy some food and I ended up playing a game held by the TV3. Please do note that I am still sick at this point. However, I can say I won the competition and beat some 14 other contestants. How cool was that? After that we bought a chocolate cake and the party begun. It a simple party with mostly just a lot of pictures taken. I am actually sick but well my birthday only once a year so I endure the pain and celebrate it while I can.

The grand finale of my birthday is me ended up in the hospital at that night after the celebration due to chest infection. Well... Happy Birthday to Me !!!!


dheep said...

biar suffer janji enjoy~ tak gitu? ;)

Ameer Zachery said...

Dheepan: Ya. We never know how long more we going to live. That night I had to go to the hospital coz my fever was high and my friends said my skin were yellow like something wrong already. Hahaha. :)