Saturday, July 31, 2010

Busy Day But It Was A Happy Day

I been very busy lately. So I am not able to update my blog. Hey, give me some slack will ya.

So you might read my last post. So emo right? No worries. I'm fine. I just like to say stuff when I'm like that. You shouldn't be asking me who the person is. If I wanted to tell you I'm sure I already put a name there. :)

So moving on with the next update. There are a lot actually but I just going to put two only for today.

I have great news for me. Not sure if is great for other but still I am so darn happy. Guess what? I am going to start working again. Yippie. After nine months being 'unemployed' they finally release me for work. I am scared a bit also. Ya lar. Long time never open book. Too depress when see the book also. So I forgot everything. Seriously everything. Don't ask me technical question. I will go " Aaa.. Ummm.." at you.

So far they still planing when I should start working but roughly I had an idea when. Probably in the next two weeks. They still need to do some arrangement before starting me back. It's ok. I waited long enough. Just a while move is fine for me. Plus, I had plan something in between. I will tell you that some other time.


Some of you might know, a friend of mine called and asked me if I could come for interview and photo shot for his company magazine. I know lar I'm not the model type but hey he asked for me. I never tried it before. What the heck right? Go for it.

I got the green light from my company. It a must. I don't want to get into trouble if I simply go. Die.

OMG. First time I wear make up. I feel so funny. I wonder if all other guys would feel the same as me. They took like 20 minutes just to get the make up and hair done. So long right? The girls are even longer. Like almost 40 minutes. I look ridiculously fair when they shot me. I think the make up effect. Hahaha.

The photo shot took longer for me. Hey, it my first time doing it. I have no clue what to do. The photographer keep showing me pose I need to do. It was difficult. Now I know how model feel like when they taking picture. No wonder the models in America Next Top Model keep getting complaint on their shoot. Seriously hard. Like me they took 50 over shot but only top five were selected. Lucky now technology advance already. So save on the film. We had fun during the photographing session. Laugh a lot. Newbie taking picture. Who wouldn't.

The interview I feel like I fail big time. I was like speechless. Don't know what to say when they asked me question. So nervous I guess. I think I talk crap mostly. The interviewer is seriously having a hard time getting infos from me. I hope they will add add a bit more for me. Pwetty please.

The magazine is set for next month I think. Can't wait how it going to turn out. I hope I look good in it. Somebody laugh at me when I sent/show the preview shots. Don't worry I'll just kill you later when I see you, ok?

It was fun and happy day for me. Thank you for the opportunity. :D

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Sam said...

I think you did well. Rest assured I'll make sure everything will fall into place. ;)