Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Parents' Reaction On Condom

I like to go clubbing. It is the only time I could hang out with my friend and feast my eye with some hot candy. Hahaha. So usually at the end of the night the clubs will passed out free condoms. I guess they wanted to promote safe sex. Hey. It's free. I take anything free. Well not free sex lar. That of course is definitely a no no for me.

I don't usually throw the condoms away. You know it is expensive to buy one nowadays. I checked the price too. So I keep it in my bag all the time and as always I totally forgot that I had it in the first place. So here is what happen when my parents found it.

My dad:

I was looking for my wallet. I totally forgot where I keep it so I asked my dad to help me look for it as well.

"Dad, can you look into my bag see if you can find my wallet there?"

So he searched from A to Z and he did found my wallet.

"Oh ok. Thanks. Just leave it in there. I'll take it later."

So later then I took out my wallet from the bag, I saw the condoms which I had and he didn't say a word at all to me. Hmm. That was weird. So the only thing I could think of is he either don't really care or he going to tell my mom and let her handle it. He don't care because until now my mom didn't asked my about it at all. Cool dad!

My mom:

So my mom wanted to borrow my traveling bag. My bag is a bit larger than hers. So I just gave it to her without checking everything in it. As always, the free condoms which I already forgotten I had it in the first place were in there. So when she unpacked the bag she found it.

"Where did you get this?" in an angry tone.

I answer straight' "Oh, they give it for free at the shopping mall so I just took it lar"

She said something more while giving me lecture about that stuff which I forgot but I was save the least. She did throw away the condoms though.


On unrelated story about me, my mom and condom which happens two weeks ago.

Mom: Our maid said she found used condom in front of our gate.
Me: Really? Right in front our gate?
Mom: Yes. You know who is that?
Me: How should I know who's that is? Maybe the rain brought it there. Haiya ask me weird question.
Mom: Weird coz its in front of our house.
Me: Don't look at me.


Mr.D said...

better safe sex than sorry. =)

Pluboy2 said...

u have sex at the front of the house??


But then.. doesnt she/they use one too??? LOLX.. what the hell lol..

And.. ONE QUESTION.. why do u keep condoms in ur travelling bags/bags? Hmm... AHEMMM!!

Ameer Zachery said...

Mr. D: lol

Takashi: It's not mine lar. I don't know who the heck throw it there.

Weeeellll..... It the least place they gonna to check when they in my room. Plus, even I forgot I had it there in the first place. Hahaha.

Lucifer said...


next time give me lar though i dont know if i can finish them before the expiry date.

:: arLynnE :: said...

hahahahahaha. never throw condoms near ur house! :P

Anonymous said...

You should ask your maid about it! Hahaha! :P

Ameer Zachery said...

Lucifer: You can get for free. What for you asked me? =.=

arLynne: lol.

saidatulfarra: My maid don't stay with us. So she's excluded.

RAWNA said...

aha.ada orang buat sex in front of ur house then main campak2 je tu.lol