Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Calming Down

Phew! What a week. I was really in stress and did not controlled it properly I guess. I didn't think wisely of my action before I do it.

Luckily I calmed myself down on the next day and decided to postponed all my plan. Yes people. I did not go anywhere as I told you. I was in KL all this while. I wasn't at my home but somewhere in KL just to relax myself. I need some time off.

I do still have work which need to be settle and I can't really just go anywhere before I finish it as I might get myself into trouble. I don't want to create anymore new trouble from the one I already had.

However, I wish to thank you all my friends who are there for me when I really needed them to cheer me up. I had fun this whole week of my escape.

Well I need to get back to reality now. Enough being sad. It is time to just be happy no matter what. I can't change the past. So problem and stress aside, I need to move forward and think positive. What is past is behind me and I must plan now for the future.


Ameer Zachery said...

I can die there. I more of a city boy lar.

Pike-chan said...

Glad to know you moved on... the world still has a lot of beautiful stuffs to enjoy