Monday, May 31, 2010

KL International Airport Tower

I was looking at my old collections and I found this. If only I had a lazy chair that day, I could sit and relax the whole day enjoying the view. Do you know that KL International Airport Tower has eight separate independant backup generators. So if one fail, the other will kick in accordingly to its sequence.


W. Hidney said...

i almost got the chance to be in the airport tower and flying in a small 2 seaters aircraft in bintulu for my bday the other day. if that happened, it would be the best rm800 that i can spend. damn it!!!

AmeZac said...

Subang has one and it only cost you RM500/hour I think. Plus you could fly next to KLCC. How cool is that?

W. Hidney said...

aiyoo for real? where should i go? who should i call?