Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cleaning The Room

I had been wanting to clean my room for weeks already actually. It is not messy but the top desk is to packed with folders and papers and I just wanted to get rid of all unwanted stuff once and for all.

So yesterday I decided to do it and I know once I started doing it, I shan't stop until I finish. Otherwise the room will look like a dump. The first thing I do of course is to put everything on the floor to sort it out first.

Like mention earlier all unwanted items will either be thrown away or donated away to charity. I know I could do it in just few hours but chatting with friends, calls, hang out and movie delay the process a little bit. However, I did managed to settle everything at 3am. Phew.

I am thinking of buying a new bed now. Hmm..

Post Scriptum: The picture 'Before' is actually an on going cleaning process. I did not take the actual 'Before' picture.


:: arLynnE :: said...

shop@ikea! ;)

AmeZac said...

Ikea furniture not really good.. I used it before.. Plus I hate to assemble it myself.. :P