Friday, May 28, 2010

Visa Concierge Service

Who has a VISA credit card?
Uh.. uh.. Me.. Me.. Me..

I was extremely excited when my first Platinum card arrived to my house early 2008. I still remembered I was jumping like a small kid as I never had my own credit card before. It was like a dream come true. Yes. I always wanted this shining card of my own and I finally got it. This is just the start of many more.

I started applying for the Platinum card knowing there won't be hell the bank would approve it and they will just give me a Gold card instead but they didn't. So I started applying for more and ended up owning 14 cards in total. I know I am a little bit freak and crazy but I am just a mere collector. Like some people collect stamps or stickers. I collect credit cards. Don't worry people. I canceled most of the cards already and only own five cards now. My target only to have three cards by mid of 2011.

I am not really sure on the Mastercard concierge service but I certainly know very well about the VISA concierge service. So I am going to talk about the VISA today.

The good thing about having VISA Platinum, VISA Signature or VISA Infinite is the personal concierge service provided to its customer. I tried it several times asking different sort of questions and they did manage to get back with the details within a day. They also did call you back for a follow up.

It is good to have such service even though sometime the answer that I get is not the one that I wanted but they sure will try their best to get what I want. I normally will ask for their favor when I am truly lazy to look for it myself or when I am really out of idea or resources. Their services are not limited to such as flight reservations, restaurant reservations, car rental, performance tickets, trip planning, hotel reservations and a lot more you can virtual imagine.

I do bet VISA Signature or VISA Infinite concierge service would be far more better than VISA Platinum. I am happy with what I have for now. However, next year I am definitely going to change my card to VISA Infinite. Why? Just for the fun of it.

I have this super great power. Should I abuse it? I don't like to prank VISA. I only asked them to do things on serious matter. However, there is still some people really did do it. Read HERE.

To register yourself, you must own at least any one of those card and then go to:

VISA Platinum : HERE
VISA Signature: HERE
VISA Infinite: HERE

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