Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sorry Dad

My dad was away for a week. So every day he would call home and asked if we had locked the doors or had taken our meals or just asking how we been doing. I am not a small kid anymore but that just his habit and the way of him communicating with me and my brother. We both got use to it already.

Some of the time during the calls I did asked him when he be coming back so I would go and fetch him at the airport. He did told me few times and in fact the day before he supposed to fly back I asked him again his departure time so I could arranged myself to arrive at the airport just at the same time as he is.

Today, I woke up pretty late and woken by only the sound of the phone ringing from my brother's room. He is out. So I am still actually a little blur after I woke up. I felt like there was something that I was supposed to do and I can't remember what it was. Only when I looked at the clock then I realized that I was late to picked up my dad. It was 2 o'clock and he arrived at 2 o'clock. I rush everything and straight when to the airport. After all the planning I made, I still arrived late at the airport and he had to wait for me.

Sorry dad.

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