Friday, May 7, 2010

It's Time To Move On

I was staying at home doing nothing and try to relax (the whole time). In the mean time I tried to deviating my mind by watching some movies and TV series I bought but never had the time to watch it. Some of the shows did gave me good reminders and examples for me to follow.

I know I can’t put my mind to stress all the time. I need to stay calm. I think too much. I also know I can’t be angry all the time when I am stress. It is not a good practice to maintain. I might get myself into trouble someday if I keep up doing so.

You see, I also realized. All of us have problems. Some might be worst than I am experiencing right now. Once a while it is nice to vent out all the problems and all the anger we had with others on the blog but I do learned that, it isn’t nice to do so as you might ruin someone else life without you realizing it. Just express it to your family and even though you don’t feel better after that at least you not hurting more people.

Yes, I am having some trouble times right now. I do believe it will go away soon. I just need to have faith and a little bit of patient. Everything will turn out to be fine.

I will continue blogging on what makes me happy.

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