Saturday, May 22, 2010

The I And Phone

I never regretted buying the iPhone once. Sure there are some flaws on the phone itself but every type of phones available in the market does have certain pros and cons to it models. To me, I am extremely satisfied and not once feel angry with it.

Unlike my old phone, I find this is far better than the old one I had. Seriously, I was using HTC Touch Pro for a year and hate the phone so much. I regretted buying that phone but had no choice but to use it as I already paid a large amount of money for it. I find the phone is useless and it is only good for the first two months. Then it started to show some problem. Several time, I was fed up with it, I simply smash it to the ground. The only thing I could praise about my old HTC phone is it could handle heavy duty job. Such as knocking, smashing and water spill. Other than that it is useless.

The iPhone I am using is still relatively new. So I am still can consider bias when come to the term of judging it. I understand the problem it is having and so far it is doing relatively well on coping with the problem. I don't mean me, I mean the phone. The network problem or drop calls or no internet connection often seem to be the problem on this phone but after awhile I was aware of the problem and understand on the solution which could be fix in mere seconds. So I neglected the issue all together. Plus, the customer service provided by the service provider was assuring and eager enough on helping me everytime I called them for assistance.

iPhone by far supersede any other phone I had so far. It just like a mini computer. Here some reason I could think in my opinion iPhone is good:

  1. It is user friendly.
  2. No virus.
  3. Superb email integration. All in just one touch.
  4. A lot of free applications. The paid one available at cheap price as low as $0.99.
  5. Internet connection 24/7 inclusive in the call plan.
  6. Huge space. 32GB/16GB/8GB
  7. Touch screen react to finger/skin only as far as I know. So no need to worry of accidental pressing.
  8. Music, Video, YouTube, Facebook - you named it. It never been better.
Needless to say however, iPhone still do have it flaws. Some many know and notice it already.

  1. It can't support flash software/player. I hope this problem could settle soon as most platform require flash to run with. 
  2. It run one application at a time. I understand this concept. It is good as it does not make the phone lag. However, some game can't be save and might ended up had to start all over again.
  3. Liquid Contact Indicator (LCI). I found this annoying for me as it might trigger even though it is not your fault and you can't do anything about it. The warranty will still be void without the technician even checked the actual problem of the device.
  4. Warranty only limited for one year. No additional year offered for certain country. Once the warranty expire, the repair cost for a problem might cost you almost as the same price as a new iPhone. 
  5. Limit page is only 11. So which means you could only put up to 176 applications (including the fixed application) in the iPhone.
  6. Short battery life. This is due to the fact iPhone is connected to the internet 24/7 and some application does require a lot of battery usage.
  7. The expensive accessories. It does make you take care of it better doesn't it?
  8. The camera is only 3-megapixel. It is not sharp but with help of some software, it might be better. I prefer to use my very own digital camera. So I don't really mind.
I heard of people getting free applications by jailbreaking the iPhone. It does sound good and tempting but it is also illegal. The worst thing could happen to you is you might damage the software of your phone. I don't know if this were true. I haven't tried it myself as I found it not worth it with the amount of money I spend on to this phone for something that could do a serious damage to me and the phone. The charges are not that bad. I paid for all of the applications I found worth buying and yes I did feel angry and cheated with some. I don't believe I lose anything. Plus, I am not going to use all the applications available in the App Store.

Right now they are going to launch the new OS for the iPhone. I bet is going to improve the capability and enhance it more better. iPhone OS 4.0 is coming in fall this year. Even rumour saying that iPhone 4G or also known as iPhone HD is coming out next month, it still going to be a long time for me to wait before it actually going to be officially release into this country the legal way. Even when that happen, the stock normally will be limited just like it happened to the iPhone 3G when it first came and thus I shan't keep myself waiting for it.

This is a long post. So who's buying iPhone next? 

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im very satisfied with my bb hehehe