Friday, April 22, 2011

Hard To Please

My friend told me that I am the kind of person who is hard to please. I had to agree with the statement actually. So every time when some one told me that, I just agreed with him/her because it is mainly true.

I just need time for the information to store in my brain. The first time it receives, it will normally ends with rejection. It is normal for me. After the brain compute properly then only I can decide properly.

I like to say honestly if I like or dislike something. I don't have to go around the bushes or cover it with beautiful rainbow colored words. Straight forward and be done with it. Some might not like my method. So I normally will see who I am dealing with and warn that person first beforehand.

Oh ya. I smile a lot. So cover a little bit of the seriousness.

Hard to please = Me. Yeay!