Friday, April 8, 2011

Don't Molest Me

So there I was at Queensbay Mall in Penang with my friend hanging out. We both got nothing to do so just killing some time and walk around the mall. I never been there before. It has been awhile since I last visited Penang.

After completed our exploration, my friend wanted to visit the toilet. So I just waited for him outside. I didn't go because I don't really feel like going. 

Then suddenly got one uncle walk by me and staring at me as if he wanted to rape me. I was like WTF. I am not 'jambu' for you to molest me ok. The uncle just continue walking toward the toilet. 

Few minutes later, my friend came out from the toilet with pale face. 

"The toilet stall got hole. Big some more. Then can see shadow like people wanking. Scary wei. Like want me to help him wor"

I was shocked too. That is serious. I don't know if that person is the same uncle who stares at me earlier. 

We sat on the nearest bench and just change the topic of our conversation. Out of sudden, the uncle was there walking to and fro in front of us. I whisper to my friend as he didn't know about it. We just continue chatting and pretend as if nothing happened. 

After some time, I don't feel comfortable about it. The uncle was standing near us and looking at us. So I told my friend that we better make our move. He actually followed us and almost purposely walk right in front of us. 

Only when we went to higher floor, the uncle stopped. Scared shitless. I know I can fight but who know if that uncle intention was to hurt us or rob us. Choi. 

The last thing my friend said was,

"Shit! I forgot to zip my pant"

We were laughing about it. 

"No wonder that uncle was stalking us. He were trying to take a peek on your little brother"


tuls said...

hahahahahaha... peek-a-boo! hahaha

Anonymous said...

maybe sebab kau nampak gersang?

Ameer Zachery said...

Tuls: Yup. Kinda funny when you think about it.

Anon: Really? Were you there too at that time it happened since you know how I look? ;)

Paul Figaro J said...

QB got such toilet??!! Well that's new to me!

zhenyu27 said...

maybe u look jambu , sometimes malay guys have a thing with sensing other guys that are jambu , my friends have kena