Saturday, February 19, 2011

It's So True

This past few weeks I have been reading the post from other bloggers that relatively related to my life. Every time when that happen I would say "Damn it!". Then my heart will sank as always.

I wonder sometime if these bloggers have some sort of super power enabling them to know exactly what to post about. 90% of the content from the post is true and I wouldn't deny it at all. That is why I hate myself when reading it. Yet I did nothing to change it.

I am not prepare yet. Maybe in time I will. Right now, let me keep it with me for awhile longer. 

Ok. I need to stop talking now. The memories are rushing in my mind back again.


Jon C said...

Relax. Have a peace of mind, focus on things you should be focusing.

Gather some strength and courage, only then you will move on )

savante said...

Makes it good to know that we're not all going through troubles alone! :) Talk to someone.