Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hong Kong Trip

Travel Date: 14 January 2011 - 17 January 2011

It was a good opportunity for me to try out few of the airlines hospitality namely Cathay Pacific, Thai Aiways and Lufthansa. 

So I decided to take the flight to Hong Kong and flying back via Bangkok for a quick transit. 

My friend wanted to visit his friend so he invited me along and since I have ample of time on my side I just said yes. 

Day 1 

Arrived at the afternoon after the 4 hrs flight. Love the service from the cabin crew a lot while on board. Reservation was made earlier for the room at Sky Marriot. It is located near the airport itself with free shuttle provided every 20mins. 

However, the city is about 35mins and it might be a hussle for some people do to the travel time. The room was big compared to hotels in Hong Kong and can actually accomodate up to 4 people. 

A tips for everyone is to take for those you wish to go to the city and on budget who does not mind the extra travel time. From the airport, take the S1 bus to Tung Chung MTR station. From the you could take the MTR to the city all less than HKD20. A great saving instead of taking the Airbus or Airport Express MTR.

Hong Kong is easily connected with their public transport. So to travel easily do buy the Octopus card which gives you a less fare compare to normal card and can be use on almost all mode of public transport. It also can be use for payment at most of the shops. 

The day started with a trip to Mong Kok whereby there are a few street markets such as Ladies Market and Goldfish Market located nearby. A lot of shops along the street as well with plenty of choices to choose from. For the markets, I suggest for you to bargain as the price can be set quite high. 

Since it was late for me and the due to the travel time back to the hotel, I decided to head back to hotel early and rest. 

Day 2 

Today, we visited the Peak Tram and Madame Tussauds Museum. It is located at and the price for the ride, sky terrace and the museum is HKD200. The view is breath taking as you can see the city of Hong Kong. 

The wax museum was a great experience too. The near to real sculptures are fun to see. 

My friends decided to try out the massage in Hong Kong and while waiting for them, I hang around the area and bookstore nearby. I did manage to take a nap for 30mins for a quick recharge. 

Trams are fun way to travel. It only cost you HKD2 for any station. 

Dinner at the Kowloon city and due to night I was unable to view the remaining of the old Kai Tak airport. Few lights surfice to know the airport was once stood. Great food and plenty too. We dis not expect the portion for the meal we ordered. What seem to be small from the display picture can be big and plenty. 

Head back to the hotel and reached near midnight. Another day to experience Hong Kong. 

Day 3

Ngog Ping Cabel Car is located near Tung Chung MTR station. After a light breakfast of Dim Sum at the Citygate Outlet Mall, we head to the cabel car station. It is adviseble to take up the crystal cabin where the queue are shorter. The price however are slightly more expensive from the normal cabin. 

The view are spectacullar. The walk at the Ngo Ping town require a little bit of energy as it is a mountain area. Plus the Big Buddha statue is located high up further. Take the Wisdom Path there after and see the Buddha verse (as my friend said) craved on barks of tree. 

Managed to visit the Disneyland for a quick snap of pictures. Due to the timing, we decided to just hang out at the outside area.

After taking the cabel car down, we head straight to the city to buy some last minutes items. Thereafter, MTR back to Tung Chung for factory outlet shopping. Some items are cheap while some are a bit pricey. 

Day 4

Flight for me departed at 1245pm while my friend is 10mins later. Head to the airport at around 1020am and after checking in for each flight, we head for the restaurant for a breakfast. 

There was a bit of difficulties for me checking as my flight was kinda full. So I was a little bit unsure of either continuing it. 

Hong Kong to Kuala Lumpur for my friend was easily obtain from the Cathay Pacific but as for me transiting via Bangkok with Thai Aiways was not.

Finally after all passengers had checked in I managed to get a seat. However I had to rush to the gate and it was really far from the Terminal to the Gate. Luckily, I still managed to board with 10mins spare. 

Wo Ai Ni Hong Kong. Choi Kin. 

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