Sunday, August 29, 2010

Medicine Can Also Cause Trouble

You see I am sometimes still taking my medication to help me relax from the pain I am having. It is a painkiller but it also a nerve calmer.

The thing is I will normally go into a state where I will not able to remember what I say or do. I always try to be careful everytime I took the medicine as it is quite dangerous. There have been cases where people involuntary jump from a roof or drive a car without them knowing what happen at all.

Usually after taking the medicine, I will normally go to sleep. However, there are occasional occasion I will not be able to sleep immediately. This is by far the worst thing could ever happen to me.

I will always do and say things I am not suppose to say to other people. Sometimes the things that I said might hurt the people around me or the person I am talking to. I cannot blame the medicine as I know mostly what I said was true, something that within my heart which suppose to be kept to myself and no one should ever know about it.

The only problem was, I can't remember anything that I said at all until I traced back all the thing that I might do in the first place (calls, SMS, emails, social networking).

I usually regretted of what I did as it was not suppose to happen at all. Nobody should know it. However, the damage done cannot be taken back. How I wish I can do that.

I am truly sorry if I hurt anyone feelings. I really didn't mean to do it. 

I am sorry. *I don't even know why I'm crying now*


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ikanbilis said...

its okay we can have our lepak session some other time =)

Ameer Zachery said...

LCP & pikey: Thanks. Haih. It seem that everything changed already.

ikanbilis: Ok.