Thursday, August 19, 2010

23 Facts About Me

I found this interesting post from someone blog and I feel that I also should make a list for myself. I am not sure why must it 23 facts and not more or less from that number. So here are the things you might or might not know about me.

01. I am born second in my family and also the youngest in my family. I have only one older brother which is two years different from me. During our young age, we always fight with each other as both arguing one being pampered more than another. I stopped fighting with my brother at the age of 21 when I started working and get everything I wanted with my own money.

02. It is hard for me to fall in love and once I do I will try to keep the relationship for as long as I can. I always try to do and get everything the other person wish for no matter how hard it is for me to attain it. I care deeply for the one I love and always worried when we are not together. Oh ya, I don't express my feeling much until recently where I understand that keeping it silent won't make your love one know what you really feel.

03. My first love was when I was at the age of 20. I know I started late. However, it doesn't last long as we both live too far apart.

04. I love all my friends and once in a while I will make a random call to them and chat for a moment just to keep us connected. I don't have a lot of friends and the one I have are the one that really understood me and stand by me all the time when I needed them. I do have a lot of acquaintances/connections though.

05. I like western food more than the local food. But it is very hard for me to keep maintaining my diet as I technically live in a jungle and the only food available here is local food. Plus, I always put a hole in my pocket every time I indulge in those favorite of mine.

06. I am an organize person but I am not a perfectionist. I always plan my day a day ahead so I know I did all the things I need to accomplish systematically. If I didn't finish all the task, I will feel sad. Seriously, my mom always had to remind me that it is ok to miss a task or two if the time is not enough.

07. I have been in four different kind of operations in the pass four years. Each operation is not related to one another at all. I am mostly sick for unknown reason and for different cause. There also a possibility for me to undergo another operation this year but I am still don't feel like doing it. Pain killers are my new best friend nowadays.

08. I can talk to random people easily. I am sometimes shy with people. I also have a habit of studying the person I am talking to with. So if you see me with new people and just sit quietly, it mean I am studying them. Some people said I looked cocky but they always take back their word once they know me. ;)

09. I had been to two pre-school, three primary school and four secondary school in my entire live. My family moved a lot during my childhood and I changed school a lot for some other reason (not for the bad reason if you wondering). So it is understandable if I can't remember all my friend I been with together during the school. It is nice for them to still remember me when we bump onto each other.

10. I was in accident twice in my entire life. One is when I was at the age of 9. I was hit by a motorbike when I was trying to cross the road. The next thing I knew was I am in the clinic. Luckily the biker did not hit and run me or I might end up with serious injury. The other one was a car accident and I was the passenger. How lucky for me that the other car hit directly at my door. However, I was not injured at all but the door was totaled.

11. When I was young, my skin used to be fairer. So people sometimes mistaken me for Chinese and start talking in Cantonese/Mandarin until I said I'm not. Now due to sun 'bleaching' I turned darker. Still, my English has Chinese accent in it.

12. I kissed guy before but I didn't felt weird about it. This is because my family adapt the French custom where we kiss each other hello and good bye. I only do that to my mom and dad and not my brother. That I feel weird. Hahaha.

13. I must sleep with four pillow or more. It is not that I will use it all but I just need it to be by my side when I am sleeping. I find sleeping with one pillow is very uncomfortable and it is hard for me to fall asleep. I, myself don't even know why.

14. I do have a lot of secret. Whether it is my secrets or somebody else secrets. I am good at keeping secret. That is why I noticed a lot of people like to tell me about theirs. They trust me I guess. I believe I helped them by unburden their thoughts and feelings they need to express.

15. My brain is like a computer. Seriously. I process a lot of data at the same time and sometimes due to the limited space and capacity of my brain, I will normally delete it from my system. Don't asked me how I do it. I just can't explain it.

16. I smile a lot. Sometime I smile until it hurts my jaw. But I am not good at keeping my emotion to myself. So normally people will know if I am angry or sad or happy.

17. I played music based on my mood. So you know what my feelings would be if you listen to my music selection. I will normally listen to the same song over and over again until my mood is change back. Normally that could take up  for weeks to several months.

18. If I am not happy, I will drive to the city and just hang around the shopping complex. Usually I will just go alone but occasionally I will asked my friends if they like to tag along with me. Being alone walking in the shopping mall make me forgot about why I am not happy in the first place.

19. I rarely go out from my room. Sometimes I can just stayed in my room for the whole day without eating or drinking. So my parents always try to drag me out from my room most of the time by asking me to do few sort of works. What I do in my room? Normally, I would just lie down and think a lot. Other than that I also will just go online on the the internet and just browsing from website to website.

20. I think I am a nice person. Every time I go out with my friends, I will make sure that I'd pay the bills. It makes me feel awkward if my friends were to paid for the bills. I also mostly will spend more money on my friends compare to myself when we went out shopping. It is just my nature.

21. I'll cry sometimes. I'll cry when listening to sad song, movies or just when I feel emotional myself while thinking of something. It still doesn't make me less of a man. Perhaps, I am just those sensitive type of guy.

22. I tend to help people a lot. I helped the with almost everything and anything. Well, if it still nothing to do against the law. When I do help, I'll make sure they get all the things or information they needed until they satisfied or happy with it. 

23. I am more to chatting (via YM, emails, SMSes sort of things) kind of person rather than call to speak to people. So don't get angry if I rarely call. However, if I need to get things done soonest possible, I will still call. I find that when I talk to customer service or something/someone related to it, I always have my way of getting everything I want from them no matter what the issue. So my mom especially will always use me when see need me to communicate with them. 

That's all about me I guess. Actually there is more that I didn't put it in here. There a reason for it I didn't put it. If you really want to know more, hang out with me more often and perhaps just perhaps I will tell. >.<


Anonymous said...

No. 2 is really sweet.

Pike-chan said...

It's really nice to know more about you... the last few points, we have in common ;)

tuls said...

yes it feels good to treat your friends and you taking the cheque and everything.. just dont let people take advantage of you.. even if its your good friend.. take care AZ..

issac liew said...

went u come to subang look for me la

Ameer Zachery said...

Anon: Thx.

W.Hidney: hi ya too.. Hahaha..

pikey: Thx. That's cool.

tuls: I always bring them to places where they will die paying. Hahaha. So I rather pay for it. But I know them. So it's ok I guess.

issac liew: ok boss. no problem..

Unknown said...

13: sense of protection and security? haha i feel that way

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