Wednesday, April 20, 2016

When the House Auctioned

It's scary to see so many properties are on auction. It seem that our lives are getting harder and harder day by day. 

Where do you go without a roof? I always feel sympathetic to owner who are unable to pay their debt for their home. There really nothing I could do about it. 

Yes. The said property will be offered by the bank at a very low under value price. Sometimes I wonder if the sales would actually covers the total debt. I hope it does. 

Unfortunate it is, the bank still require the debt to be paid and surely the more fortunate people will show their interest to the said property. I myself do like to expend my properties portfolio but when it come to purchasing an auction property, I look for non reside tenant. 


Simply because I don't feel right getting the property by force when the owner still living in it. How do you tell that the home they are living in no longer their and they must pack their stuff and leave. It is never easy. Never. 

Would you be able to face the more aggressive owner with sharp weapon pointing at you screaming and guarding their last hope of home while the wife and kids crying and begging. Would you?

Life definitely getting harder and harder. Spend wisely. For me, priority to be given for a home for shelter and food. Basic necessities for survival.