Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Year 2012 [Review]


01. Travel on five different airlines.
[Fail] Out of five, I did manage to travelled on four airlines last year namely Cathay Pacific, Firefly, Emirates and Japan Airlines.

02. Travel to all six continents.
[Fail] Well this one probably a little bit hard for me to accomplish. So basically I only managed to cover Asia and Europe. To be honest how do I am supposed to cover everything in a year and also I am thinking how do I get to Antarctica. Plus I probably made a mistake as technically there are seven continents. Plus, if work counted as well then I also covered Oceania. This is really a tricky achievement.

03. Travel to at least 10 new cities from around the world.
[Pass] Woohoo! I did managed to achieved this resolution. Since I was on my Europe trip, I covered just with that trip. So the cities involves was Amsterdam, Brussels, Luxembourg, Munich, Salzburg, Prague, Bratislava, Vienna, Venice, Geneva, Paris and also an Asia city Manila. Just for a note, my Europe trip does cover London as well but I've been there before when I was a kid.

04. Travel with someone I love to at least once city from anywhere in this world.
[Pass] This one I didn't get to cover totally. However, I did travelled with my mom. So that do count right?

05. Travel to five cities to watch five different musical theatre.
[Pass] Wow! I actually goes beyond my target for this. So I went to nine musical theatre in five different cities. The musical was awesome. It's a happy thing. I like happy things. So I watched Wicked (Singapore + London), A Chorus Line (Melbourne), Mary Poppins (Perth), London Summer Musical (KL), Empress Wu (KL), Mamma Mia (London), The Phantom of the Opera (London) and A Chorus of Disapproval (London).

06. Bring my mom to three new places for holiday.
[Fail] I managed to bring my mom to Dubai and Brisbane last year. This year I should try to do better.

07. Create a travel blog which will serve as my travel diary.
[Pass] Thus the birth of


01. Pay off all my credit cards outstanding.
[Fail] Credit is a b****. It's lesser but still the outstanding still there. Trying hard for 2013.

02. Save at least RM50000 into my investment account.
[Fail] Invested only 36% from the targeted investment. The plan is to continue with the balance this year.

03. Start an online business with a target of RM25000 this year.
[Pass] I started Bitter Lemon as an online business. However due to time limitation I had to diversify my sales by sub-contract it to my friends and family. That way I managed to reach the target faster and less messy. The target reached with 20% profit from the sales. It's something.

04. Invest in three more new houses.
[Neutral] Due to the futile market and some other factors affecting my purchases, I decided to put the plan on hold.

05. Give to charity more.
[Neutral] Nothing is enough for charity. So I am continuing to give when I can.

06. Cut my spending to half from 2011.
[Fail] Terribly failed for this one. Holidays. Shopping. How to save? I am an addict. I need help.

07. Limit my credit card application and maintain to only have four cards at one time.
[Pass] So far so good. No further comment. Hahaha.


01. Call five different people every month to stay connected.
[Neutral] I don't really keep track on this resolution. I hope I did achieved it but if I didn't then I need to do it better in future. I will try. I can't promise for it.

02. Pamper my best friends a bit less. (You guys are too pampered by me already)
[Fail] So fail. I don't know how to achieved.

03. No birthday present this year for my friends. (Cut cost measure)
[Fail] I did break on this as I did give a friend of mine something for birthday. Hand itchy want to shop.

04. Hang out at least twice a month with my friends. (I know I had been very busy lately)
[Pass] Mission accomplished.

05. Make a lot new friends from around the world.
[Pass] I made 10 new friends from seven different countries. Due to privacy I shall not reveal their names. I think they would know if they read my blog.


01. Reorganize everything at home.
[Neutral] I made my house more messier. The more I throws things out. The more I am bringing things in. So in the end nothing really changed. Reorganize? Maybe surplus unnecessary things. I guess that's why every time my friend came visit me at my house I will ask them to just pick anything (reasonably) home.

02. Go out for movie once a month.
[Fail] I didn't get to go on July and October. So consider this as fail. On the bright side, movies are fun.

03. Change my wardrobe contents to once a year instead of twice.
[Pass] At first I didn't want to shop anything new but again the demon in me forced me to just do it. Also, I felt so much happy when I managed to do a major makeover for my dad. I upgraded everything for him from top to toe. New clothes, new accessories, new shoes, new bags etc. I am happy that he is happy. Even everyone at his office noticed it.

04. Ride on five different roller coaster.
[Pass] A fear will always be a fear unless you deal with it. So riding a roller coaster was one of my fears. I managed to overcome it. It was awesome. Roller coasters are awesome. The coasters involved are Space Mountain (Disneyland HK), Scooby do (MovieWorld AU), Asylum (MovieWorld AU), Green Lantern (MovieWorld AU), Jet Rescue (SeaWorld AU), Indiana Jones and The Temple of Peril (Disneyland PR), Big Thunder Mountain (Disneyland PR),Space Mountain: Mission 2 (Disneyland PR) and Rock 'n' Roller Coaster (Walt Disney Studios PR). [HK=Hong Kong, AU=Gold Coast, PR=Paris]

05. Visit three different theme park.
[Pass] Yay! More fun. I went to Disneyland Hong Kong, Disneyland Paris, Walt Disney Studios Paris, MovieWorld Gold Coast and SeaWorld Gold Coast.

06. Revamp and update it at least three times a month.
[Fail] No time. Sorry. I guess I still like it white.


01. Lose more weight.
[Fail] Yay! I am still fat. Go me. Ok. I need to do better.

02. Eat proper food.
[Fail] Baby steps. Urgh! Why are there so many delicious food.

03. Eat less airlines food. (Too much sodium in it)
[Fail] A boy got to eat.

04. Go to gym at least six times per month.
[Fail] If I could create a graph for this, I would say it started good and peaked on May but all fell down the drain thereafter.

05. Reduce or possible stop the three bad habits I have right now.
[Fail] Old habit hard to die. Haih.

06. Smile and be happy more.
[Pass] :D


01. Work harder.
[Pass] Worked too hard but I enjoyed it. I know. I am a workaholic.

02. Learn two new language. (I need to make time to attend those classes)
[Fail] More planning required.


savante said...

TRavelling with your mom does count as someone you love so that's pass.

Ameer Zachery said...

Oh ya. I meant to put it as pass.

Adam bin Ahmad said...

Congratulations !
Have a great 2013 Ameer :)