Saturday, September 22, 2012

Dating Made Easy With RHB Card

Ok. I really not intentionally trying to promote the bank but hey it's save me money so why not right? Plus, you might be saving too. I came across while googling for something free.

Anyway, this applicable to all RHB credit and debit card holder. So if you not affiliate with RHB, this might not concern you. Unless you want it to be.

So the best part of this promotion, I get to enjoy my date and save a lot of money. To be exact 50% of saving. It's buy 1 free 1. You know us Malaysian, we love free stuff even it's just a pen. Don't deny it.

It's turn out to be a nice date. Dinner at Kenny Rogers. Followed by a movie and ended with a nice sip of coffee at Starbucks. Just for a note, it's only applicable on Friday. How lucky for me to came across the promotion.

Here's the details:

Kenny Rogers 1/4 meals RM17.50
Starbucks Coffee Grande RM14.50
GSC movie RM13
Total x2 = RM90

So if you split 50% you only paying RM45 (disregard the applicable taxes)

The most important thing actually I really have a good date. Money aside. If you can save some why not right?

More info? Click here. Only if you want to.

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