Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Queue Cutting With CIMB Prime

I was at the bank last week to bank in some cash. The Cash Deposit Machine wasn't working that day so had to bank it in manually. Looking at the people in the bank makes me wonder, this going to take me forever. The security guard were being helpful by passing me queue number but I'm not interested with it and said I have a priority card. I decided to take out my CIMB Prime ATM card and put it in the queue machine. Voala! New number came out from it. 

In just few second, my number was called overriding all other number. Nice!! Of course I get all the stares and I even overheard two girls saying "We were here long and he get to go first". I just thank the banker once my transaction done and left. 

So people, if you can do change to CIMB Prime Plan. All you need a Gold or above CIMB credit card and RM1000 (initial deposit for Prime Current Account) and you are done. 

What so good about the plan? 
01. Priority Queue 
02 .Dedicated Phone Banking Services - Instant assistance when you call CIMB Prime Call Centre at 1 300 889 800 
03. Complimentary SMS Alerts 
04. Higher ATM Withdrawal Limit up to RM10,000 per day 
05. Consolidated Statements 
06. Dedicated services on CIMB Clicks 
07 Special preferential rates for Housing Loan, Overdraft and Car Loan 
08. Earn Bonus Points 
09. Complimentary Airport Lounge Access - KLIA 
10. Prime eBidding 

I don't tempt you enough? Check out their website CIMB Prime Plan.


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