Saturday, October 22, 2011

Blog On Hold

Well well well. Hello spidey! Nice web on my wall. Caught any bugs?

Anyway, just an update for all of you who still reads my blog. This update should cover the month of October. Since we only have like few more days before November come. So fast time flies. I don't think I have enough time to actually finish my work.

From 1-9 October I was on holiday. Yippie. I was lucky to get two week off actually. So with such little plan (ok I lied) I headed to Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh with my loves one. The real agenda was to shop shop and more shopping. Bangkok was relatively cheap compare to Ho Chi Minh. So for future notes and reference, go to Bangkok ok.

Spending wise for me is not much. I more to relax trip than to stress trip. If you got what I mean. Hmmm... Maybe I should do some summary on both my trips later in future. Far far away future.

Next would be my Progress Check. Ok. I passed. Nothing to brag about. Moving on.

My Safety Check I got 1 wrong for the questionnaire. So no more record of having 100% for the test. Sad.

Then I'm busy with my work work work. I think I spend more time working at night compare to day time. So I have now reason to sleep during the day time. Yay!

I've not so keen on going to gym lately. My gym got blown out and still they not yet open. Yeah. U know the story for sure. I'm partially lying. Hahaha.

But I have been to other's country FF. I would say their are awesome. Like in Perth the FF is 4 storey high and in Bangkok you don't have to bring anything because they give you shirt, and pant for you to do your work out.

The newest baby in our company - I've tried it. I can't wait to try more. It's not blue ok. Such a yellow brain you all got.

That's about it. Until next post. God know when would that be. Hahaha.


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Danielle said...

I read your blog.its nice. I want to know more about the on hold messages.And tell me the cost of it.