Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tick Tock

My dying watch need to be replace soon. I was sure I will get the one watch that I had been waiting for. Sadly, it won't be happening that so fast. The model is produce with limit amount. Thus making me need to wait for ages for it.

I can't wait for it anymore. I was desperate to have something new fast. So I ended up buying something else. Something different from what I really wanted. The good part was the price combined could be count as lower than the price of one. Plus, I had almost RM600 discount for it. Cool right?

I think I am starting with a new fetish. I think I should stop buying more. It's not I am going to wear the same watch one per day. So I stop at three. One for sport. One for work. One for casual.


Vincent~ said...

3 watches? (= =)
wao, i actually wanna do that but i know i will lost them at some point. lolx

Danny said...

nice watch.. luckily my fetish is cheaper than ;p