Saturday, December 11, 2010

Personal Trainer

As you all know, I just started my gym recently. But then, I always feel that I am a lazy person to do all the exercise on my own by myself. So after looking through the Personal Trainer (PT) board for few times I finally decided on picking one of them. Obviously, do know how my PT would be but I just try my luck here.

The training fee is not so bad. I mean it something I can afford to pay. Hence, I took 20 sessions for it. God know how long it going to take for me to finish it? Maybe in one or two months perhaps. We see how it goes.

My very first session with my PT was last week. Since it was my first time with him, he decided to just test me with most of the equipments to see how my strength and endurance would be. I thought I am going to die already because I did try the free session before and I felt like dying. Seriously. Not joking.

I thought of doing another session right after a day of rest but he told me I better stay rest. Quite a concern fella as he SMS me asking how I was. Ya lor. My first time.

PT: How was it? Any pain?
Me: Surprisingly no.
PT: Memang surprise.

All I do was laugh when I saw the reply. Somehow, I know he sure going to start torturing me after this. I was absolutely right about it.

Today, I had another session with him and boy did he tried to push me to the limit. I even almost throw up. I said almost. Funny thing was he like to bluff me a lot. Three time today to be exact. He practically use a heavier weight on me and said it was the normal minimum for the starter. Die die kena tipu.

PT: *Supporting the bar with his leg*
Me: Kena angkat ke? *Blur face*
PT: Yer lar. *Laughing*
Me: =.='

It was truly a torture and I managed to survive it even when he gave me extra free time of 20 minutes. He was free and I think he like to see me dying slowly.

So far so good and I think it was a wise choice for me to take the PT session. A good work out with a funny trainer make my training so much easier.

We'll see some result in two months then.


Shake Trees said...

ah alas u got a PT. training is suppose to drill for a hard exercise. yup ur suppose to rest 1 day, gym 1 day n rest 1 day. u will still need to control ur eating or u'll waste ur $ on PT. 20 sessions isnt a lot. ard 2mth only. well, better than nothing for a lazy bum aint it? lolx...

REMEMBER said...

LMAO~~~ memang he wants to see you suffer~~

Danny said...

good luck getting fit :)
keep it up :))

joshua said...

i just restarted my gym routine. dah nyawa2 ikan dah. alahaiii

Ameer Zachery said...

Koala: Ya. Have to lar. Otherwise won't reach my target. Lazy fella me.

REMEMBER: Yup. That his idea of me getting fit.

Danny: Thank you. :)

Joshua: Hahahaha. You and me both. ;)