Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lazy Bum

I am too free again now. I am suppose to be studying right now but somehow I am still waiting for the calling to come to me. Ya. I am damn lazy when it come o study.

So anyway, I did not entirely waste my time sleeping eventhough I wish I could do that. I still go out to the world and have fun.

Like today example I was cleaning the whole house. Good right me? Of course it took me almost the whole day as I keep stopping a lot and relax watching movie.

Other than that I aslo sorting out and backing up all my stuff in my laptop. Pictures, movie, music, you name it. I bought myself 2TB split into four. So you can imagine how many space I can have.

Someone was actually jealous that I was too free already now.

DB: What you doing?
Me: I am busy doing work lar.
DB: What work?
Me: Arranging music on my computer.
Me: Yarrr....

So what should I do next?

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tuls said...

i know who is DB!!!