Friday, October 1, 2010

Pre-Operation: Kidney Stones

Today is my second operation for the kidney. This time I believe it will be longer as the doctor did told me that he be putting up the scope all the way up to the kidney and remove any remaining stones. The post-op would be a lot more blood coming out while peeing than usual. 

I woke up late. I was in a bad mood today (for a reason I don't think I will tell). So in the end the hospital had to call me asking me my current location. However so, I arrived just an hour late from the original time. 

I was told to fast from 9am. So since I woke up late, I didn't get the chance to eat my breakfast. 

Lying down in the bed playing with the iPhone is the only thing I do right now while waiting for them to wheel me in to the OT. 

Surpisingly due to the fact I told the nurses everything made  my anesthetist to ordered IV to keep me hydrate. They were afraid of setting the line as they scared I would scold them (am I that fierce?). So they tried to call the MO to do it instead. Eventually, they had to do it by themself and painful as it seem, I felt nothing. Told them they can do it on their own because if they failed once, they can always try again. 

I think I will be taking my nap soon. I have 3 hrs to go. The pill for anti-nausea and stomach upset had been guven and taken by me. I should be done by 7-8pm.

I definitely need to advise the doctor to prepare Phetadine (painkiller) for my post-op just in case I'm in pain. 

Yup. I planned everything well as I want everything to be painless possible. Being sick most of the time does give me advantages on knowledge of pills and medical terms.

See you later?

Via iPhone


tuls said...

the word pills in no longer used.. use medications or tablets or capsules are more appropriate.. hm.. get well soon AZ..

Aiden said...

get well soon! :)

Shake Trees said...

oh dear. again. wishing u speedy recovery. :)

Skyhawk said...

Ger well soon...1st time to your blog.

Ameer Zachery said...

Tuls: Really? It's ok. I'm old school people.

A: Thx..

Koala: Yup. The second (hopefully last) and longer one.

Skyhawk: Thx and welcome2.. :D