Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cakap Relax Makan

I am away again. But but but.. I am nearer than you think. Guess where I am. Yes? No?

Well I am staying at Kelana Jaya now. It's my company hotel. Don't play play ok. It's free some more. I know my house like 15mins away. Still. Nevermind, I tell you why?

I am attending 3 days course here. So since it really opposite building and it's free, why not make my life easier and take the room. The company want us all to come and have a chit chat. CRM = Cakap Rehat Makan.

Ok. Just kidding. It's a course for us to improve the overall safety by learning on how to handle it. I explain also headache already. A lot of thing can be learn from the course. It is really fun with all the activities involved as well. So to say, you won't get bored by just listening or see the slide.

Nonetheless, I learn and now able to improve my understanding on certain aspect in day to day life. I think this is really a good thing and I believe all company should install this module to everyone. I am talking too specific now. So I want go sleep.


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