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Brisbane And Gold Coast Trip Part 1

Travel Date: 5th August 2010 - 14th August 2010

I told myself that I need a break after everything settled with my medical. I wanted to come earlier but the company wanted me for some work and meeting. After all I just got back my licence. So they need to discuss back with me on all the work schedule and planing.

So here I am flying away for my breakaway on Thursday to the Down Under, the city full with beaches and beautiful scenery all around. It is winter right now over there. Yes. Winter over Brisbane and Gold Coast. I was so happy when I reached there. It been awhile since I last fly to Brisbane. I normally would fly to Melbourne for my breakaway. I wanted some change of scenery this time. Something better and nicer.

Day 1

My flight from Kuala Lumpur departed at 0900hr and with layover at Sydney, I arrived a bit late in the night at Brisbane. To be exact I arrived at 2145hr. The two hours time difference makes me feel the flight is longer than it supposed to. Ignatius and Billy were there at the arrival hall waiting for me.

There is nothing much I can do once I arrived at Brisbane but to head straight to Coolangatta where my final destination would be. The journey took me another 1:30 hours by Billy's car. He was kind enough to picked me up at the airport and drove all the way to Gold Coast. Otherwise, I would had to rent a car. I was tired but still I wish I could stay awake for as long as I can and enjoy the view.

Day 2

I was sleeping like a log. Dead tired from the flight I guess. However, we still woke up early and Billy picked us up for breakfast/lunch. So we all headed to Robina Town Centre to grab grilled burger. It was deliciously huge. I almost could not finish the whole thing. Australian do eat larger portion of meal compare Asian I guess.

It was pretty nothing much that we going to do today. So we just walked around the mall after I got myself a new Australia number for my phone. I can die without internet. So I definitely need one for my stay.

We all hang out at Billy's place waiting for the night to come. Ignatius wanted to go to the so called 'Pasar Malam' at Surfers Paradise. I told him there is no such thing as Night Market here in Australia. The only market I know is Flee Market. Blek :P. So we all went to there and I was correct. Since he long time didn't go to Night Market, this was the next best thing. Don't worry Ignatius, you are coming back to Malaysia soon and you could go to all the Night Markets you want.

Hang out at the game arcade - Timezone. The place is huge and it opens until late (I think). Nah, we didn't play anything there. It is quite expensive (for me) per game and I don't really play games anymore. So we hang around to kill the hour before headed to Billy's house for overnight. It is quite far to drive back to Coolangatta.

Day 3

Today planned was to go to the beach. I know I know its winter right now. We didn't go to Gold Coast beach but further south entering the New South Wales state. The location is Byron's Bay. Wait. I think the idea was to use the coupon for lunch right? Anyway, the drive is almost an hour from Coolangatta. It a long drive. Australia is huge I can say this to you all.

The beach is so cool. A lot of people actually at the beach even though it is in the afternoon and freaking cold. So after lunch, we decided for a little sun tanning. Ok. Sun tan first then only apply the sun block. The result: dark colour skin. So clever.

Oh ya. We swam too. Don't asked about the water temperature. Just know it is so damn cold. Swimming and shivering at the same time. Funny.

We decided this beach was not enough. Wah. Go to naked beach. Well. Sort of. I mean it is winter right? Who want to go all bare in this kind of weather. Awww. My little heart was disappointed a little bit actually. Oh well, let play with seashells.

Go home to Billy's house for a nap. Tonight we going to drive up to Brisbane for party. "It's Saturday night. It's party night." OMG. Getting ready for clubbing was like getting ready for model shooting. After an hour only we all ready to go. 'Kalah pompuan'.

I was excited to go clubbing this time. Ya lar. It almost a year (I think) since I last when to club. I need to chill a little bit. The club is huge with four dance floor, I can practically choose which DJ play the best mix. It located somewhere lar in Brisbane (short term memory lost already). The whole row full with club house. You can pick which one you like the most.

Since it already late at night. We all stayed at the hotel. Tomorrow is time to explore Brisbane.

Day 4

I felt so lazy to wake up from my sleep. so little sleep time we had. But if I didn't woke up, I'm gonna miss exploring the city. Everything closed early here. So I need to get up and out before the shop is closed.

We had our brunch at the food court near the hotel. Again the amount of food they gave us were a lot. I had Nasi Briyani and I can't finish it all again. Just think it is for two people instead of one.

So today we went to the casino. Ignatius wanted to get himself the membership card. It is free and members will get discounted meal. I don't want to do it as I am not going to stay there long. Just hang out at the casino area for awhile. I never been into one before. So I was kinda amazed with the slot machine and the poker table and the everything lah.

EKKA was the next agenda. It is actually a carnival. A huge one to be exact. They have fun fair, animal exhibits, bike show, stuff to buy and lots more. I can't remember all already. Still like any carnival, all the games must be paid separately. The entry fee was so darn expensive. Well, I am already there so might as well just go and had some fun. We just walked around the area taking a lots of pictures. What else can we do?

It was getting late so we headed back to the hotel and packed our things. Grabbed some dinner before going back to Gold Coast. Billy will be staying at Brisbane as he is having class on the next day. So it just me and Ignatius riding the train back all the way to Robina before transfered to a bus to Coolangatta. The journey took us almost 3 hours to reach our final destination. 

Day 5

Ignatius was having class today. He showed me his school. So while waiting for his class to finished, I walked around the airport area and took some pictures. I found a lake right next to the airport and stayed there until it almost time for the class to finish. It was really peaceful there as I sat thinking of my future.

After that me and him were headed to Point Danger. It a beach located near Tweed Heads. The scenery as always was beautiful. Chilling out there until almost sunset before heading to the supermarket to buy some stuff for the house. He need to cook for the house mates today. So we headed back home as soon as we finish our groceries shopping.

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