Saturday, August 21, 2010

Moving Matter

Haih. My mom still can't accept the fact that I am moving out from the house. It's very normal of her to act this way since I am the youngest in the family so I can say I am more attached to her. I already made my mind that it is time for me to live by my own. Being independent.

It is not that I am moving far to another state. I am just moving to a place with only an hour drive. I told her so many time I don't like living in the suburban area. I prefer the city life. I even invited her to move with me but she refused saying that this is her life now. So what about me? I wanted mine to be the way I like it too.

We were arguing again today in the car but she still as stubborn as before and asking me to stop telling her about it. She still trying to make me change my mind and stay. Not this time. My decision is final whether she like it or not. I did not disown my family, I just wanted my own life and since I can afford to do it, I don't see the problem at all.

So far I am not officially moved out from my house. I will be moving on 20th September. A lot more need to be done before I finally move out. However, most of my stuff are already at the new house.


tuls said...

it takes time for her to process the whole matter and accept that youre all grown up now and its time for you to live your own life and not hers..

dont worry about it so much k AZ..

everything will be alright.. call her more often after you moved, thats all she needs i think.. assurance and care.

Lucifer said...

so, do i get a room? =p

Ameer Zachery said...

tuls: Yeah.. We'll see about that..

Lucifer: Hahahaha..... No.. :P

syrap said...

dude..same thing happend to me.MUm..its their job.haha.

but i managed to live on my own too, at last