Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Brisbane And Gold Coast Trip Part 2

Day 6

The weather was bad today. I knew it since yesterday looking from the weather forecast through my phone. It's a cold front and nothing I can do to stop it. Ignatius was supposed to fly today but judging from the weather it is obvious his flight had to be cancelled.

Lucky for us Billy has a car, so he picked us up for lunch at the town. Otherwise we would starved to death. The meals were cheap as they were selling it for 50% off. So we ordered quite a large amount of food to fill our stomach.

Since it is going to be raining and wet we decided to just stay at home watching movie. Seriously, Australia has a lot of channels but none of it is interesting or watchable (during day time). Luckily I brought along my hard disk so we could watched the movie I have on it. Times goes by quite fast when you are watching something nice. By the time the movie finished, it was almost time for dinner.

Still both of them decided to played pool to kill the time. I don't really played that game. So I just watched them being beat up by some not-so-armature player when they agreed to duel. It was cool hanging out at the bar as I sit playing with my phone waiting for the game to finish.

They decided to utilized the membership card they had and we all went to the casino. This time located at Surfers Paradise. A little bit nearer from home. The meal was awesomely cheap and delicious. We all had the same meal as it really does look that tempting from the picture display. We were not disappointed.

Day 7

Well what did I do today? I was so lazy to go out. It cold okay. Nobody seem to be at home so I decided to tidy up the house a little bit. At least I could kill some time.

So we head up by bus to Billy's house later a bit in the afternoon. The plan was to watched movie at the cinema at Australia Fair Shopping Centre.

Since the bus stopped directly at the Robina Town Centre so why not kill some time at the mall. The movie starting at 920pm and we still had plenty of time to walked around.

The cinema was really cool. It is my first time to see the cinema with it's own unique design. Like example, you practically picked your own snacks and drinks and then only pay at the counter or the seating is free seating so you virtually pick your desire seat or they have arcade for people to kill time before their movie start (Ok, The arcade maybe owned by different company and so happened to be next to the cinema.)

It was late and since everybody were tired, we headed to Billy's house and crashed there for the night.

Day 8

Again, all planned keep changing at the last minute. It always like that. But I guess I am getting used to it already by now. The initial idea was to go to Dreamworld. However, the planned was cancelled and everybody woke up really late today.

So I thought maybe I just go somewhere by myself for today. I did bought a lot of chocolates for me to bring back home. I only going to eat one bar (promise) and the rest will be distributed to my friends and families when I'm back home. It insanely cheap. So I grabbed a lot and looking at it the weight of it was almost 15kg.

I took the bus home to Coolangatta. I don't want to walked around with all the chocolates on my hand. I got free bus ride because the machine was broken. *Sweet*. They journey home took about 50 minutes and I almost fell asleep when a lady woke me up wondering if I missed my stop. I didn't.

I went up again to Point Danger. It is quite far but its was worth the journey. The scenery always made me calm and relax allowing me to forget about the things I was bothered with. Stayed for two hours before I started my 35 minutes cycled back to the house.

It was a silent night for me as I ate my dinner and went straight to bed.

Day 9

Ignatius was having class again today. So again I just chilled out at the house watching movie and packed a little bit. After all, I am here to relax.

He finished his class at three o'clock. I needed to buy some fruits to bring home to my mom. So he accompanied me cycle to the town. It was a 30 minutes ride. But of course since it is winter, I didn't felt the heat much.

Also again it was his turn to cooked for his house mates. Mamak mee and Chinese rice noodle for dinner I guess. Am I right?

The night went uneventfully.

Day 10

It is my last day here in Gold Coast. The time fly by so fast. I felt I was just yesterday I arrived here and now I had to packed my back to go home. Back to Malaysia. I do wish I could stay longer here. It is so peaceful and relaxing. Still, I had to work soon.

The day started when Billy's mom picked us up for lunch at Sunnybank. I can say it is an Asian territory. The majority of people there is Asian. Only 10% probably non-Asian in the area.

Soon after we all headed to Billy's house in Brisbane. He need to fixed up the new bed. Everything is DIY. It took us almost two hours to complete it. It was tiring but fun. Just like playing puzzle.

Dinner was next in planned. The whole of Billy's family was there as well. It was a big Chinese dinner with lots of food. I felt like vomiting due to amount of food goes through my stomach.

It was almost time for me to checked in at the airport. So right after dinner, me, Billy, Billy's mom and Ignatius headed to the airport. The checked in was at breeze. It wasn't long until the announcement was made calling all the passenger to board the aircraft.

I bid Australia good bye again for one more time.

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