Thursday, April 5, 2012

Show Your Wealth

Some of you might find this to be disturbing. Some might even feel irritate to the idea. As for my opinion, I do believe telling people how rich you are does beneficial to both party. Still there are pros and cons for the action.

It's not to brag or being snobbish. It just to tell people how much you have achieve in your life. Like example for business man, they are require for them to show how rich they are. Why? The reason being is simple. When people see your asset, they will be more confident doing business with you. Have you seen any rich man driving a Kancil car and said he earn millions. No right? People will start questioning him if he is telling the truth or he just trying to cheat your money.

Some how I can say its not our culture for the need to show you wealth to others. Some people find it to be intimidated by such action. I believe also jealousy from other will come after. You see, to me I'm happy to see other people rich. It makes me wonder, how can I be just like him/her. Yes you can say rich people don't share their knowledge but with some who does, make full use of such informations given.

DON'T get jealous. DON'T get angry. Nothing in this world is easy. Money doesn't produce from trees. So instead of hurting those who achieve well in their life, try to be like them. I hate when people complaints that rich people like showing off. No. They are not. They are simply enjoying their life from their hard earn money. They work for it, so they have every right to enjoy it. Well, exception given to those who really deserve a slap on the face for being snobbish.

My target in life is to be millionaires and I have been trying my best to reach my target. Nothing is easy but nothing is impossible as well. I have a friend who had nothing. He was poor as he lost his job. However, he never give up. Yes, I helped him even though he never asked for anything. He worked hard. Looking for any job he can grab. Started from below and now just short of a year working he is a manager in his company. All because he never give up and work hard to make money.

Money is never enough. But oppotunity are abundant. You just need to know how to get it. If you are lost, don't feel shy to ask for help (not ask for money but ask for knowledge). Surely people will glad to help you achieve your target.

Nonetheless, always be careful with your surrounding. We can never know how safe we are. Strangers mind aren't easy to predict. So you must always know what you are doing.

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