Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Limited Access Online

I've notice that some artist impose a restriction to people or even block especially when it come to music video. I really don't understand the need for them to block for viewing. How else do they expect to know about the song. People want to know if it's good or bad before deciding to buy the album. I mean come on.

I love artist such Adele who really don't care or afraid of people downloading her song. You see when people see how good the music are, they wouldn't mind buying the album. Without any restriction or blocking I am able to fully enjoy the music online. Heck they even put out the whole DVD album for viewing. In turn, fan like me will buy the music even though I could just download it. So artist shouldn't be afraid of letting people know about their music. If its good, it's good. People respect that.

Yay! To Adele and others who openly share their music.


Boo! To those artist who block or impose restrictions to viewers. Your lost not mine.

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