Monday, May 16, 2011

EON Visa Signature

Just after I received my new Visa Signature card from CIMB, my EON card also suit after. It is also an upgrade from my previous Visa Platinum card. The application process is just like applying the normal credit card. However, since it is an upgrade, all the information is based on old credit and it does not account as new credit card. The differences are the card number and of course the card. 

The minimum annual salary for applying this card is RM180000. I actually didn't know about it and just simply apply. My salary is way way way lower than that. Good thing they approved it. Yeay!

There is one extremely good privilege which made me apply for it. The down part of this card is the annual fee can only be waived if you spend RM30000 per year. I am not that rich to spend to much of that amount. So I just going to see what I can do about it after the one year waiver is finish.

The credit limit given is lower compare to CIMB but I am not complaining since I won't be needing it.

There are a lot of privileges for this card. More info can also be found here.

1. ‘FREE For Life’ - Principal Cardholder(s) will receive an annual fee waiver for the first year, while annual fee for subsequent year(s) will be waived with a minimum cumulative spend of RM30,000 per annum. (Trick statement. RM600/year if you didn't manage to reach its minimum)

2. 1% Cash Rebate - Rebate is capped at RM500 per account with a cumulative overseas retail spend of RM10,000 per annum. (Good promotion)

3. DOUBLE Bonus Plus Points - 2 Bonus Plus Points when you spend abroad and 1.5 Bonus Plus Points when you spend locally. (Still lower compare to Maybank)

4. Complimentary Priority Pass Membership - Room to work and space to breathe can be hard to find on a busy schedule. That's why a VIP lounge has everything you need to relax-even you're working. (The one thing I love the most about this card since I travel a lot)

5. Year-End Account Summary. (I don't really monitor my spending)

6. “Privileges for Life” Programme. (Great offer but limited)

7. 100% Cash Advance. (T&C applies to it actually)

8. Share Trading Rewards. (Huh?)

9. Will Writing Services. (I use other service since this one is quite expensive)

10. Travel & Protection Benefits. (Great benefits)

11. FREE Travel Accident and Inconvenience Coverage - For every business trip or holiday with your family and loved ones, rest assured that you are protected by our FREE Travel Accident and Inconvenience Coverage of up to RM2,000,000. Remember to charge your travel purchases to your EON Bank Visa Signature Credit Card and you will automatically be protected from any flight delays, luggage lost or missed connections which extends to your spouse and children below 23 years of age. (Touch wood won't be needing it)

12. Visa Signature Privileges. (Still limited offer given from bank)

13. Visa Signature Concierge Service. (Same as any other Visa Signature)

14. 3-D Secure Online Payment. (Standard privilege)

15. Internet Banking. (Standard privilege)


chunglern said...

How much credit limit on 1 year old credit card required to get this card?

Ameer Zachery said...

I'm not quite sure on this. I upgraded my card from Platinum and it just passed a year too when I request for it. The credit limit I had was RM32500. Hope it help.